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Summer Tuition Sessions

Spend Your Summer with GPS Global Academy!

GPS Global Academy is pleased to offer online classes to any 6th-12th grade student in the State of Arizona. Students may take Honors, on-level, and credit recovery core classes as well as a variety of elective offerings.

Classes are offered year-round, including the summer.

  • During the month of June, three start dates are offered for a tuition of $200 per semester class. These classes are set for 9 weeks with the option to extend the course if needed.
  • The rest of the year, students may take courses for free (up to 6 courses total among all GPS schools) or for a tuition of $200 per semester class (for the 7th or greater course).

Is your student planning to take two semesters of a single class over the summer?
We strongly advise students to take one semester during a summer session and the second during the school year. It is not possible to complete a year-long course over 6 weeks. 

GPS Global Academy Attendance Requirements

Students must remain active throughout the duration of their class. Any student who is inactive for 10 consecutive days will be dropped with no refund. Dropped students may re-enroll at a later session date (for no additional fee) and continue from where they left off. 

Enrollment Dates

Parents may select one of the following start dates for each of their summer classes (up to 2):

  • May 30, 2024
  • June 10, 2024
  • June 24, 2024

Students may also enroll in online classes throughout the school year, at no change in cost. Click to view the in-year enrollment dates.

Note: Some sessions may overlap with the GPS District's Fall Break, when teachers will not be available and students may be prevented from making progress in their course(s). We will offer families the option to pause all of their courses during this time if they wish. 

Tuition Cost (per session)

$200 per class

Location Requirement

Students may only work on their classes within the United States. Our systems are not accessible outside the country.