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Students enrolled in GPS Global Academy must meet Gilbert Public School District's graduation requirements in order to receive a diploma. This includes completing all required credits and passing the Civics exam.

  • Students who are taking courses with GPS Global Academy/Online Learning but are still taking classes at another GPS High School:
    • Credits from Global Academy/Online Learning courses will be placed on your transcript at your home high school. 
    • You will need to coordinate with your school counselor to make sure your credits are in place for graduation.
  • Students who are enrolled full-time with GPS Global Academy/Online Learning:
    • You have the option of participating in graduation ceremonies with the last GPS High School you attended, but you must get permission from the high school principal allowing you to participate in graduation ceremonies.
    • If you have never attended another GPS High School, you will have the option of participating in Mesquite High School's graduation ceremony.
    • You will need to contact the school you are graduating with as soon as possible to receive important graduation information and fill out any paperwork associated with graduation.